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Collective Worship

On this page, you will find resources for Family Worship and Prayer time.

Discovering ways to pray with children offers them space for connection with God and, not surprisingly, has been shown to improve well-being.

Consequently, we give our children an invaluable and timeless gift when we teach them how to pray, and it’s a gift they can carry with them throughout all of life.

At St. Joseph’s, especially during this time of isolation and uncertainty, we feel it is so important to keep and strengthen our relationship with God and these resources will help you to do so.

We are keeping you all in our prayers and look forward to the time when we can worship and celebrate together as a whole school community.

God bless,

The St. Joseph’s Team

Collective Worship - 13th July 2020

The end of the school year provides a perfect opportunity to take a moment to look back and reflect, as well as look forwards with renewed vision and hope.

As the final week of daily prayers for this school year, we finish with The Five-Day Examen – a simple but beautiful resource for use in the classroom or at home. We have produced this resource along with our partners, The Jesuits.

Based on the traditional Ignatian meditation, these daily reflections are used at the end of each day to help children reflect on all that has taken place, how they have felt and responded and how they can allow Jesus to work in them more.

Please watch our five-minute film about the Examen prayer (click here to see video). Whilst this was made for teachers leading prayers in the classroom, this will be helpful for parents leading the prayers at home.

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Collective Worship - 6th July 2020

The daily prayers from Ten:Ten this week help children to plan ahead and prepare for the summer holidays, something they might usually be very excited for, but perhaps a little less so this year – they might feel like they’ve already had a long holiday at home!

The word ‘holiday’ comes from ‘holy day’, when people would be allowed time off work to observe religious festivals and feast days. Today, a holiday means any time off from our usual work. These prayers consider how children’s ‘holidays’ can truly become ‘holy days’.

Each day children will be led in reflection using Psalm 34 (note that this is the Sunday Psalm from last week, rather than 5th July) and offered a suggestion for an activity to do, either this week or during the holidays. You might like to encourage children to keep a list of these activities so that they remember them.

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Collective Worship - 29th June 2020

This week, these daily prayers are produced in partnership with Mission Together, and Ten:Ten which is the children’s branch of Missio, the Pope’s charity for world mission. 

These prayers can also be found on this link https://tentenresources.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=82585f83bf242b4b0a627d7e1&id=b4e05da568&e=e7b2c9645e

Designed to coincide with the Feast St Peter and St Paul,  (Monday 29th June) the Day of Many Colours is Mission Together’s annual day of celebration. It is a time to remind children that we belong to God’s worldwide family and is based on the five ‘continent’ colours of the Mission Rosary.

You may be aware of the ‘rosary’: the traditional prayer which uses beads as a guide to meditate on the life of Jesus whilst praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. ‘The Mission Rosary’ follows the same tradition, but each section of the rosary (known as a ‘decade’ because it has ten beads in each section) is a different colour representing a different continent: green for Africa, red for the Americas, blue for Oceania, yellow for Asia and white for Europe.

Each day, the children will focus on a different continent and pray the rosary. Decide for yourself how many times to say the prayers each day. The options are:
Option 1: 1 x Our Father, 1 x Hail Mary, 1 x Glory Be
Option 2: 1 x Our Father, 3 x Hail Mary’s, 1 x Glory Be
Option 3: 1 x Our Father, 10 x Hail Mary’s, 1 x Glory Be

If the children are saying 10 Hail Mary’s, they can use their fingers to count.

  1. Here you will find an assembly to share with your children 



  1. While we cannot celebrate Mass on Sundays, please find time to gather with your family to worship using this liturgy


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