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We aim for all children at St Joseph's to be confident in digital literacy and computer science by the time they leave Year 6. Computing at St Joseph's is age appropriate, and children are encouraged to use technology in a safe and controlled manner in order for them to develop their understanding of algorithms and programming, thus making the children prepared for later life.

We intent to do this by:

  • Ensuring a high quality Computing curriculum
  • Providing staff with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding
  • Half-termly e-Safety lessons as well as the constant parental information regarding this
  • Allowing children to explore different software safely
  • Assess the children against the National Curriculum at the end of each unit of work



Long, medium and short term planning that challenges pupils to develop their understanding of computer science and digital literacy by using a variety of IT including; Beebots, Espresso Coding and word processing software.

  • All teachers wiill review the previous years' planning to ensure gaps in learning are identified
  • All teachers will plan interactive lessons using a range of software
  • All teachers will ensure e-Safety is taught half-termly
  • All teachers will demonstrate good practice when using IT equipment
  • All teachers will provide cross-curricular opportunities
  • All teachers will make accurate assessments at the end of the unit of work



  • Complete regular pupil voice questionnaires, which will evidence skill and enforcement of the subject
  • Collect samples of work to demonstrate the quality of learning taking place within the session and ensure the objectives are being met
  • Pupils will be able to access a vast range of software in order to produce work, program and debug algorithms
  • Children will know how to be safe, and know the impact that computing has on their learning development and well-being.

Safety and Security
All parents are asked to sign the Internet Access Form, which clearly states expectations for pupils when using the internet as a resource at school. All children have access to the internet with supervision.

The Internet system is provided through our internet provider, through the Local Authority and is protected from unsuitable material by an accredited filter. In addition to this filtering, the school also has its own in-house system to monitor computer usage and receive technical support from St. Wilfrid’s.

As part of the Computing curriculum, internet safety and security is taught half termly as a discrete lesson, as well as linked throughout the curriculum.  The teaching of E-Safety to our pupils is in age-appropriate stages as they move through the school.