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The Computing curriculum within our school is designed to provide the children with a wide range of skills required to meet the demands of the modern world. We aim to enable our children to access a range of different software and technology within the curriculum, which will enhance their knowledge of both Computing and the wider world of technology.

Within our curriculum content, we expose the children to a variety of topics, which include Computer coding, using and evaluating software, word processing and applying skills to the internet. A high quality and engaging curriculum allows us to provide the children with an in depth understanding of the technological environment. Therefore here at St Joseph's Castleford, we have ensured our Computing curriculum provides opportunities where children:

  • understand the ethical guidelines of using the internet safely,  valuing their own identity
  •  appreciate and respect advances in technology to enable them to reflect on experiences when learning about the world around them
  •  actively support each other in challenging problem solving situations where design, programming and construction is essential  

Across school our children have access to Mathletics, which is designed to provide our children with a captivating and safe mathematical learning experience, where math tasks have been set linked to classwork.

Another online platform we use is Bug Club, that features a range of books to support individual e-reading and focused questions to improve reading comprehension skills.  ‘Espresso Education’ is used to enrich pupil learning in the classroom and is often used to keep the children up to date with issues in the news appropriate to their age. Interactive quizzes are enjoyed by all.

Safety and Security
All parents are asked to sign the Internet Access Form, which clearly states expectations for pupils when using the internet as a resource at school. All children have access to the internet with supervision.

The Internet system is provided through our internet provider, through the Local Authority and is protected from unsuitable material by an accredited filter. In addition to this filtering, the school also has its own in-house system to monitor computer usage and receive technical support from St. Wilfrid’s.

As part of the Computing curriculum, internet safety and security is taught half termly as a discrete lesson, as well as linked throughout the curriculum.  The teaching of E-Safety to our pupils is in age-appropriate stages as they move through the school.