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Our year 6 retreat will be to Ampleforth, where the class will have the opportunity to meet the monastic community, learning how they use prayer to shape their life.

Our main focus whilst on retreat will be to reflect upon our time at Primary school, to prepare us for the forthcoming transition to Secondary school. 

Our retreat theme is: 'Let your light shine'.

All our activities will centre around this theme, encouraging the children to reflect upon their talents and gifts and how we have all been created in God's own image and likeness.


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Ampleforth Abbey

Ampleforth Abbey is home to a community of Catholic Benedictine monks of the English Benedictine Congregation.

A Benedictine monastery is a centre for spirituality, education, pastoral work and evangelisation and that continues to be their mission today.

Seeking God through a life of prayer is at the heart of monastic life and during our stay, we are welcome to share in this.

The monastic community, aim to provide opportunities for quiet listening, reflection and learning in the peaceful environment of a 21st century monastery. 

Alban Roe House Accommodation


Alban Roe house is where we will be based, during our retreat. The house itself, is the former Junior School, situated at the west end of the campus with magnificent views over the valley.  

The retreat experience will allow our children to develop confidence to be themselves, understand their gifts and the meaning of their faith in their lives. The gentle, relaxed and fun atmosphere provides the backdrop to make new friendships and strengthen old ones.

Accommodation is in five dormitories, one dormitory sleeping 10, three dormitories sleeping 9 and one dormitory sleeping 8 people.

The Chapel in the House is dedicated to St Alban Roe, a member of the Community, who was martyred in the 17th century.

Two large magnificent lawns are located in front of the House which will form part of our outdoor collective worship, meditation and 'down' time.

Meals are provided in the Ambrose Griffiths Room which is a short walk from the accommodation. The hot meals provided, ensures that a range of quality and nutritious dishes will keep energy levels up!  

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Ampleforth is situated on the outskirts of York, approximately an hour drive from school.

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