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Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5.

Class Information:


During the first half term the children will read the story’ Journey to Jo’burg’. The children will investigate the text to identify the context of the story and how the world has changed since the story was written. They will write for various purposes including; setting descriptions and alternative endings.

After half term, the children will focus on The Nowhere Emporium. The children will write character descriptions based on the clues they are given by the author. 


This term the children will be securing their ability to use formal written methods within the four operations.  They will develop their confidence of the following mathematical strands of: Place Value for 5 / 6 digit numbers, addition and subtraction, measure including weight, time and length, money, fractions, decimals and percentages, shape including position and direction, multiplication and division strategies.

Each week children will have a specific lesson where they will be using their mathematical knowledge and apply this to a range of problems.

Religious Education:
Our school follows The Way, The Truth and The Life scheme which has been adopted by the Diocese of Leeds.

''Creation' will be our initial focus for R.E., which enables the children to explore the differences between the scientific and theological truths.  Children will learn of their important role as a Steward of Creation, through learning of the works of St. Francis of Assisi. 

During the second part of the term, 'God's Covenant' will enable the children to understand God's covenant with Noah, Abraham, Moses and the Israelites and how these covenants are also made with us, so that we too may have faith and trust in God. 


The two topics for this terms learning focus will be of Biology, learning about Living things and their Habitats and Animals including Humans.

Children will learn the features of living things, investigating how they may be categorised as mammals, amphibians, insects, birds, reptiles, fish and molluscs, whilst learning of the habitats of these ‘living things’ and of the known scientists who are both naturalists and animal behaviourists.

Later in the term the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of living things and their life cycles, comparing these with other animals. 

Throughout the year, children will set up and conduct simple practical enquires which are comparative and encourage fair testing, about a relevant question or hypothesis.

Each term, our class explores a different topic which helps guide the children through their learning. This term our topic is all about the Victorians. We will be learning about how the Victorians changed the United Kingdom through their inventions and international explorations. We will study how they lived their daily lives, including the difficult conditions children were expected to live. We will study the geographical region of the British Empire and we will study the legacy of the Victorians in our local area and West Yorkshire as a whole.

Physical Education:
Year 5 have Pysical Activity each day:

  • On Tuesdays, Year 5 will continue their School Swimming Lessons. Children need to bring to school a Swimming Kit made up of a towel and a one piece costume for girls or swimming shorts/trunks for boys (goggles, swimming caps, etc. are optional but recommended).
  • The children will need their PE kit in school every day. To develop their running techniques, fitness levels and endurance levels, the children will take part in completing a 'Daily Mile'. Please ensure that children have appropriate footwear for running.

Homework and Spellings:
The children’s homework books encourage them to become organised and independent.Homework has been set differently this year. The children have been set 7 tasks to complete over the course of the term. The children can  produce their homework in any way they wish, as long as the outcome reflects the task.

I hope you have found this information useful.

Mr Gibbons

Class Teacher

Staff in Year 5

 Mrs Brooks and Mrs Broadbent

Mrs Williams                                                                                                         Mrs Coulson
 Mrs Ward

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