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Foundation Stage

Children in Foundation Stage are encouraged from the beginning to be independent learners and to access a wide range of activities to develop all areas of learning. The staff work very much with parents as partners to make sure that the children have a positive experience in their first year at school.

Christ is at the centre of all we do and our R.E. work underpins all our learning. We follow the  scheme 'The way, the truth and the life' which teaches the basics for the children to increase their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Children also take part in daily worship where they learn to speak to God through prayer, song and action.


Children are encouraged to work creatively using a wide range of resources. We have many different areas for the children to explore such as our Junk Workshop, Construction Area, Painting Area and our Playdough Station.

Physical development is also a key feature of our child centred learning with access to a large climbing structure in the shape of a galleon.  Children also have access to wheeled vehicles and a variety of small and large construction equipment. The children also develop their gross and fine motor skills through activities such as finger gym, write dance and dough disco.

All of the above areas are in place to develop the whole child and discover any areas in which the child can excel.

Our Foundation class is happy, fun and full of children who love to learn. 


Staff in Foundation:

Mrs Wakefield

Mrs. Corcoran

Mrs Rayner

Mrs Pycroft

Mrs Hartshorne


Useful Links


Bug Club 

Phonics Play

Blending Bingo



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