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Education in Personal Relationships

This is an important area of our curriculum which aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead healthy lives and be responsible citizens. We deliver this part of our curriculum primarily through our Statements To Live By scheme.

It forms an integral part of a child’s development, and is brought into our cross-curricular activities and discussions in such a way as to ensure that knowledge and understanding of oneself and others is developed.

The children grow more confident about aspects of their own lives, their self-esteem, their health, their beliefs, their relationships with others, and their ability to express their feelings and to cope with life’s problems. We encourage pupils to participate in these discussions and activities, which lead to a greater awareness of their social and moral responsibilities.

SRE is also part of the curriculum and takes the form of a programme called In The Beginning which has a Catholic moral framework related to the age and maturity of the children taught.  

The scheme forms a celebration of life, and seeks to develop in the children an understanding of the complexities of human relationships. Our own relationship with God sits at the heart of the scheme throughout, and the teachings of Christ underpin the way good relationships form. The scheme does not confront children with inappropriate material but it does contain opportunities for parents (and teachers) to open- up discussion on sensitive and challenging topics. Subjects which may be difficult to broach through normal conversation. Our advice is to use the worksheets as an opportunity to talk to your child and make the discussions as wide as you feel appropriate.

A Summary of the ‘In the Beginning’ Scheme:

Year 1 

  • Creation 
  • All living things are divided into families and into MALE and FEMALE.
  • Families with adults and young (including Humans). 
  • God wants us to live together in friendship, in love, and in Him.

Year 2 

  • The child in the context of their own family, surrounded by LOVE and CARE 
  • The individuality of the child and recognises their VALUE 
  • The human body, naming parts 
  • Acknowledges our imperfections and encourages pride in being who we are (developing self esteem) 
  • Actions, consequences and responsibility including Citizenship 


  • uses FLOWERS as its main focus
  • Male and female parts and functions 
  • Pollination and fertilisation, reproduction and life cycle 
  • Our relationship with God through the Mass, Prayer and the Gospels 
  • The importance of communication 
  • Good Citizenship and an “active” response to our Faith in support of the needy. 


  • uses FISH as its main focus
  • Male and female identification (naming parts) 
  • Homebuilding and courtship 
  • Mating, laying of eggs (female) and fertilising with sperm (male) 
  • Aftercare, protection of young and life cycle 
  • Life-dangers and protective help 
  • Parental responsibility 
  • Stewardship and the care of a world given to us by God. 


  • uses BIRDS as its main focus
  • Male and female identification (naming parts) 
  • Courtship, homebuilding and life cycle 
  • Mating, passing of sperm, fertilisation of eggs inside the female 
  • Shared responsibility of parenthood - incubation, feeding hatching, aftercare 
  • Partnerships for life 
  • Good friendships and bad peer pressure 
  • Christ in our lives ; living our Faith. 


  • uses RABBITS as its main focus
  • Male and female identification (naming parts) 
  • Courtship, mating, homebuilding, life cycle 
  • Mating, internal fertilisation
  • Birth, feeding (suckling), aftercare of young, parental responsibility 
  • Knowing yourself and how others might see you 
  • Understanding true friendship and love
  • Respect for others and care for those in need 
  • Living the Gospels. 

Year 6 - GOD-THE IMAGE MAKER (Pt. 1)

  • uses HUMANS as its focus
  • Friendships and relationships via (late-teens) boy meets girl relationship which steadily develops - attraction, friendship, falling in love, engagement, planning a future, marriage, setting up home, having a family 
  • Male and female parts and functions 
  • The act of making love (producing new life) 
  • Life from the moment sperm meets egg 
  • The developing embryo / things donʼt always go to plan 
  • Pregnancy ; associated care of both mother and child ; role of the father 
  • The joy of birth 
  • Human life cycle. 

Year 6 - GOD-THE IMAGE MAKER (Pt. 2)

  • continues from the point of birth
  • Helplessness of a new born baby / need for support 
  • Physical growth, support and decision making ( inc. problem solving) 
  • Spiritual growth and the importance of the Sacraments 
  • The uniqueness of the individual through genes, family characteristics, outward appearances, inner feelings, attitudes towards others …. with Christ as our example (our role model) 
  • Personal hygiene, resisting peer pressure 
  • Drugs, smoking and alcohol 
  • Personal timelines - past, present and future 
  • Age-appropriate relationships and activities 
  • A review of life / a time for making good decisions 
  • A call for God / Christ to enter our lives and help us to become as He intended us to be 

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from SRE lessons. We ask that this request is made in writing as soon as possible. Please contact your child’s class teacher, in first instance, if you wish to discuss any aspect of the programme.