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School Council

School Council 2017/2018


Foundation Stage:     Jessica and Mason


Year 1:      Tommy and Lyla



Year 2:      Aimee and Dominik



Year 3:      Reuben and Darcey



Year 4:      Tanya and Leo



Year 5:      Imogen and Lewis



Year6:        Luke, Amy and Callum


Actions by school council:


  • Members looking at ideas for potential prayer garden to propose to Academy Council members. 
  • Members completed a 'learning walk' of the school.
  • Members requested Christmas talent show, which was  actioned and a great success. 
  • Pupils have spoke to members of school council about the variety of after school  / lunch time clubs now available; these are being greatly enjoyed.
  • Zulu Warrior performance announced as a great success, enjoyed all by all children.
  • Council members have stated they believe the new Golden time system to be fair.
  • Pupils have informed school council members that they enjoy the boat and new playground equipment.