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Mathematics is an essential tool for success in life. We believe that a solid grasp of mathematics will equip pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. The children will learn a rich network of concepts and relationships that provide a way of viewing and making sense of the world. Through mathematics the children will be taught to analyse, sort and communicate information and ideas and to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems.

Mathematics is a core subject and is taught daily to all pupils throughout the school. It is taught as a discrete subject as well as through cross-curricular topics. Mathematics is accessible to everyone regardless of cultural or linguistic boundaries and tools include logical reasoning, problem solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways. We endeavour to ensure that children develop an enthusiastic attitude to mathematics and insist on its application to everyday life.

We aim to:

  • develop a confidence in and an enthusiasm for mathematics. 
  • encourage pupils to challenge themselves.
  • develop pupils' mathematical concepts, skills and knowledge
  • develop children's confidence and competence in mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills
  • emphasise the importance of, and the ability to perform mental calculations
  • provide opportunities for pupils to use and apply their numeracy skills in a wide range of situations
  • provide opportunities for mathematical thinking and discussion
  • develop an understanding of numeracy through a process of enquiry and experiment

We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to use and develop their mathematical skills using ICT and across the broader curriculum, as well as providing opportunities for children to use and apply their mathematical skills in a meaningful context.

Each child will have the opportunity to develop their mathematical understanding by:

  • using a range of ICT resources and websites to challenge thinking and develop mathematical concepts
  • a range of challenging activities, games, and problem solving activities that encourage maths discussion
  • using a range of mental and written strategies to solve problems
  • work individually, in pairs or in groups

Above all, we want to see children achieve, develop their understanding of key concepts and have fun with maths!

We aim to ensure that all children are engaged and excited by mathematics. To achieve this we provide opportunities for children to experience the subject in a wider context. These opportunities include valuing and highlighting the importance of using money wisely through collection, counting and other fundraising activities linked to the mission of the church eg ’Coppers for Cafod’ (when coppers become pounds!)

Mathematics is taught in a variety of ways but at its heart is a desire to make it exciting, accessible and challenging so that all students are able to achieve their full potential.

Students study a broad range of topics within mathematics: - Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Handling Data and Probability. They are taught direct skills but also encouraged to develop their problem solving skills both independently and within groups.

Mathematics is a core subject but its wide ranging application and usage means it is an area that ALL students should be able to access and use with confidence. Students will be prepared for a changing world of technology and employment and having a solid mathematics foundation will assist them in this area.